A well organised concert can raise significant amounts of money. This is particularly the case if you are organising one to raise money for a Charity.

If necessary, we are happy to share with you our experience of organising a profitable concert. Being a Registered Charity ourselves we are forever involved in fundraising. We have great empathy with other charities and can usually arrange our fee structure to help your cause. For further information, simply contact:

Choir Concert Secretary

Richard Huxley
Burton Road
LL12 0HU
T 01244 570201
M 07528 259087
E richardhuxley@hotmail.com

Choir Secretary

Brin Jones
25 Cavendish Crescent
Stoke on Trent
T 01270 882616
M 07818 693328
E brinjones@hotmail.co.uk

Foreign Tours

We are always interested in undertaking trips abroad to promote Welsh music and culture. For further information, please contact the Secretary.


The Choir has a long tradition of recording its repertoire having released its most recent cd Orpheus Gold to coincide with the choir's Jubilee Celebrations.

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